Sci-Friday: Classic

Happy Sci-Friday! I’ll be running a post every day this weekend, each day focussing on a different element of science fiction. I thought we’d kick off with the oldies today with a look at literature’s Golden Age of Science Fiction, some classic-style stories to get you in the mood, a little iconic music, and some other stuff as well. Be sure to check out the contest to see how you could win a bundle of iconic sci fi stories, from George Orwell’s 1984 to Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451.

Have a browse, spend a while. And hey. Stay classy. 😉


While this is by no means a movie-inspired list, books are rarely considerate enough to come with a soundtrack. However, you may recognise some of these tunes: 1950’s Science Fiction Film Themes.

And if that’s too reedy (which it is for me), try this instead: Bioshock Infinite: Columbia’s Anachronistic Hits. It’s not quite science fiction, but it’s much easier on the ears, and it’s lovely to read to. And it certain hits the classic nail right on the head.

Are you yet in the mood? I know I am. But I’m always in the mood for a story. The links below are to our feature fiction for today, short stories (and a slightly longer one) in the vein of Asimov and Wells, but by modern authors. Grab a Milo, add a dash of brandy, and settle in to these news updates from another time and place.

Final Corrections; Pittsburg Times Dispatch, by the frightfully talented M. Bennardo

Earthrise – A Short Story of a Fallen Earth, by the wonderful Rayen V Storm.

On Venusian Cloud Colony Number Nine, by the magnanimous D. James Fortescue

You may have read lists of the best sci fi movies of all time, but how about the best sci fi books? I’d hate to argue with this guy. He certainly knows his sources.


The Golden Age of Science Fiction may have inspired movies and comics, but it also inspired something far more immersive, something far closer to the realm of science fiction itself… video games. The links below are all to classic games of the early computer era. Beep-beep-beep – the future is amazing!

Missile Command


Space Invaders

That’s it for today’s feature. Again, be sure to check out the contest to see how you could win a horde of e-books. All those classic science fiction reads you’ve been wanting to get your hands on – all yours!

Thank you to the authors who contributed their stories, or allowed me to appropriate them for the day. Also many thanks to the artists who unwittingly supplied the beautiful, thought-provoking artwork. Speaking of which, there are a few images left over. Shall we browse?

❤ ❤


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