Quiz Time: Six Valiant Questers – Which One Are You?

Get out your quills and parchment – it’s quiz time! Tally your answers for the questions below and see what equipment you should stock up on for your next quest.

1. Who taught you everything you know?


a) My kind old father.
b) A small man with a big brain.
c) My master.
d) The captain of the guard.
e) This handsome devil
f) The er, voices?

2. Weapon of choice?

weaponofchoice copy

a) Sword.
b) Daggers.
c) Magic staff.
d) Battle axe.
e) Blunderbuss.
f) Voodoo bang stick.

3. Picture your best friend. Which of these is the closest match?


a) This loveable little guy.
b) This big dope.
c) My kitty. :3
d) That would be my sword.
e) Moneeeey!
f) This skull I found. I call him Bill.

4. Finish this sentence. Robes are for…


a) Girls.
b) Our good mage friends.
c) Me?
d) Suspicious persons.
e) Hiding things up your sleeves.
f) Friday night blood sacrifice.

5. Which of the following best matches your smile?


a) Charismatic and bold.
b) Compassionate and wise.
c) Inured at best.
d) Wallish.
e) Mischievous and cunning.
f) Far away and lovely.

6. Aaaand which of these bystander reactions generally occurs when you give said smile?


a) “Just try it, punk.”
b) “Pleased to do business with you!”
c) …
d) “Guards! Guards!”
e) *swoon*
f) “Burn her!”

7. What are you hoping to find inside this chest?


a) Some new kit would be nice.
b) Dirt. On anyone.
c) Food for kitty.
d) Sword polish for my baby.
e) Do you even have to ask? Money!
f) A new friend?

8. What do you see when you look at this picture?


a) A challenge.
b) A tactical retreat.
c) My pet! Rory!
d) A request for backup.
e) Somebody else’s problem.
f) An opportunity. She looks new here. Maybe we could hang out?


Done? Tally up your answers and apply for a quest near you. Get the same tally for two or more answers? Don’t worry: that just means you’re dual class!

Mostly As: The Sword


Congratulations, you’re the hero! That doesn’t mean you’re infallible – quite the opposite. But it’s that open-hearted charisma and your willingness to try anything that draws people to you. Give you a sword and you’re ready to take over the world. Uh, make that SAVE the world.

Mostly Bs: The Advisor


People say you can talk your way out of anything, and you’d hate to dissuade them. You see yourself as resource-orientated, always on the lookout for any snippet of information which may come in handy later. Your greatest weakness if probably your fondness for making friends with Swords: when does that ever not lead to trouble?

Mostly Cs: The Mage


Long hours studying hasn’t done wonders for your social skills, but if anyone ever needs something exploded – or healed – or turned into a frog – then you’re the one to ask. Hey! And the next person who tells you robes are just for girls had better watch their back. And their front. And how many legs they have…

Mostly Ds: The Tank


What do you like? Justice! And how do you deliver it? On the end of a blade! Be it a sword, an axe or even a pointy pointy morgenstern, you’re never without a weapon. You claim to dislike rogues, but secretly admire them: Odin knows in all that armour, you won’t be sneaking anywhere.

Mostly Es: The Rogue


Sometimes Swords grow up and become Tanks. Other times they lose all their money gambling and become rogues. As a Rogue, you have an interesting way of looking at life. Sideways, upside-down, inside-out; anyway that gets you inside, really, where you can get your hands on that delicious money.

Mostly Fs: The Blood Mage


So your childhood was spent memorising blood rituals in the fear of being devoured by rats. So what? That kind of thing is character building. Problem is, after so many years of it, you seem to have built rather too much character. Enough that it can be kind of difficult to climb over the walls of said character and get to know other people. At least, to get to know them BEFORE you squish them into paste.


About Anneque D. Machelle

Anneque "Dangerpus" Machelle (rhymes with ranger wuss) is a rebel and a rogue from way out west. Strictly banned from interactions with other human beings, she spends her days amongst molluscs, dogs and lizards, whom she counts as her closest friends.

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