Go Where Your Daydreams Take You

Today you got bored and did a little world-building, right?

What kind of world did you imagine? Sometimes the world you create is an acknowledgement of a more pleasant reality, like your boss being a terrible ogre that you only have to serve until you figure how to break into the armoury. Or perhaps a plan of how you would escape the church balcony should your teacher actually, as you have long suspected, turn out to be a vampire. Other times it’s a more drastic change, a call to arms, a world-changer. Such as that pile of lumber amongst the blackberries across the river turning out to be the acid-spitting bear dragon, Bjorndrake.

bjorndrake copy

When some people build a world, the first thing they consider is the map. Others figure out what everyone is doing for employment, and work from there. You may say to yourself, “This would be cooler if the city was made out of cake”.

cakemonster! copy

“…And if there were more dragons.”

chip copy

Of course, your world may not be fantasy. But if you’re world-building, then the world you create, the world you want to live in, play in, stay in, will almost certainly have some elements of magic. Mainly because magic is simpler than science. But also it’s just plain fun to play with. You can get loose with magic. You can make a giant glass thunder-filled fist crash down from the clouds and fill the ground with electricity.

thunderstrikes copy

Or, if you really want, you can go to sea. You never know what you might find there!


Ack! You’d hope not to find such a thing… unless you have a sword, a follower, and a very, very sturdy water-going dragon for back-up.

Boat? Who needs a boat when you have a dragon?

But more than science, more than magic, the thing we dream up is other people. Friends, companions, lovers. The people you dream of might be based on someone you know. They might be totally different. Chances are they’re good-looking. Maybe you’ve dreamt about the same person your whole life. Maybe they change every week (mine sure do). Now’s your chance to let this unspoken companion see a little daylight and breathe a little of our air. Tell us about them in the comments; introduce them to your world.

Happy daydreaming!


About Anneque D. Machelle

Anneque "Dangerpus" Machelle (rhymes with ranger wuss) is a rebel and a rogue from way out west. Strictly banned from interactions with other human beings, she spends her days amongst molluscs, dogs and lizards, whom she counts as her closest friends.

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  1. What a great post 😀 I love daydreaming 🙂 I always, like you, go well off and away, it’s never usually real people or things around me or places I’ve been but completely fictional: at the moment my mind is roaming around the potential sequel for my latest draft, thinking about what the world would be like five years after the political re-haul of the first and yes, you’re right, the people: what would they think of it all, how are they managing now? What kind of spaceships to they have? :3 I think fiction writers, especially those who write scifi/fantasy, go somewhere extremely ‘other’ when they daydream XD

    • Thanks for a great answer. 😀 Good to hear you’re living in the aftermath (as it were) of your last story. Those are some of the best times for coming up with all the ideas you kind of wish were in the original, and being aghast at the endless prospects for expansion. And so. Much. Fun.

      You’re spot on about the extremely elsewhere. Sometimes you just need to be elsewhere. Sometimes you just need to be something else. The motivation for writing and the motivation for daydreaming are one and the same.

  2. I love this post! Absolutely awesome.
    For myself, I dream about environments. World building quite literally. I love to imagine what a planet might look like, or flying through a nebulae or so forth. Then I end up filling it in with the smaller stuff. Creatures and cities and ideas and color.
    As for the people, I always seem to end up with the same cast, haha. Just how I am. And there is always this one girl….but that’s not important 😉

    Awesome post! It is so very relevant and…it just connects. Dreaming is…well, it isn’t the stuff of legend. It creates legends.
    (p.s. I have always personally preferred using science fiction over fantasy myself, but that is just me!)

    • Thank you! And may I say, an awesome answer!
      Dreaming up environs, what a talent. What kind of places do you think up? It you start with the planet, then you get to build everything according to that environment, so the cities and the creatures and the ideas all flow with the world. That’s an excellent technique, for dreaming, for writing, for just finding your own space.

      This one girl, eh? I bet she’s a riot. 😀

      Dreaming gives us what nothing else can; a way to escape our own minds. Without leaving ourselves behind, we would never understand the world, never understand other people.
      Isn’t it funny, some people say they were born too early, others say they were born too late. A friend of mine insists he should have been the captain of a space trawler. He probably would have been very good at it, too! I love science, and science fiction of all walks, and prefer it over fantasy to read. But when it comes to playing games and dreaming up worlds, I’m a barbarian at heart.

      Thank you again for your lovely, considered response.

      • Anything from a little starship to a whole planetary cluster. Depends on how big I feel that day. But it is always fun to see how things turn out in the end. And thank you!

        That one girl…yeah, haha. She’s something 😉

        Haha, I keep getting told I should have been born 50 years ago, and yet, I swear, I am several thousand years too early. A barbarian you say? Impressive! I can almost see it now…. 😀

        No problem! And keep up the good work!

      • Thank you! And another amazing answer. You have a good way of putting things.

        I’d be a barbarian queen, but only if there were orcs to slay. And dragons and things. But you know, the whole reality thing. It’s a bit of a kick in the teeth.

        So is your girl a starship pilot? Or more of an odd jobs girl? 😀

  3. The world-building cogs are always spinning in my subconscious, throwing out topics to investigate for my worlds. The latest topics: heavy water and super-heavy water. And yes, how everything in the world interacts with the characters is especially important.

    My ‘Big Project’ story world began as a dream of a sprawling city in the middle of the desert, dominated by windcatchers and a handful of very tall funerary towers. On the top of one of those towers were a pair battling to the death.

    The worlds I look to build are ones I wouldn’t survive in. Being the pale sort, I would chargrill quite easily in this world =S

    I am all for Caketown. Wow! Cake half price!

    • Sounds great. 😀 Desert worlds are interesting. You’d just have to make sure there was enough technology (or magic) to make sure you didn’t fry.

      The heavy water stuff is pretty cool. Are you going to write anything with it?

      Caketown is all cake free all the time! Delicious attacks by cake monsters!

      • Technology and magic? Maybe, maybe not… it is working along religious lines, in the vein of creation myth. Whether it remains there is another story altogether. The world is nice enough to create oases on its own =)

        Investigating heavy water further to see how far I could push it without pole vaulting the suspension of disbelief =P

        Tummy’s rumbling at the thought =P’
        Bit scared of the rock cake though, they could be trouble =S

      • Religious eh? An interesting angle. Plus it gives you a bit more wriggle room if you can just say, “God did it!” whoever the God of the day is.

        You’re a bit of a Matthew Reilly fan, if I recall. He does the whole pushing things to the brink of disbelief quite well. He generally manages to keep it just in the realm of belief. But even when authors push it that bit too far, I don’t think readers mind too much. They’re there for the ride.

        Rock cakes would be killer.

      • Can’t be an Aussie reader if you’re not a Matthew Reilly fan haha.

        Indeed, ‘the Deity’ is credited quite often in the ‘Big Project’. Its nature will be probed over the series…

        The Rock Cakes and Mud Cakes align to take over Caketown! Who can stand up to their combined fury?

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