Free Audiobook, NaNoWriMo and Other News

I was going to blog… and then I remembered I had to look up the shiny versions of my Pokemon X team, the Children of Men. Who enjoyed a very nice couple of victories online last night, yes, thank you for asking. Celebratory victories indeed, as yesterday afternoon I finished my NaNoWriMo project~! A million cheers, a million tears! Now we can move onto something new 😀

To tell the truth, I’m very much looking forward to writing something lighter: I fell into a trap of my own design with Love, Charybdis: fell in love with the characters, and then did horrible, horrible things to them. Really horrible things. I mean, you think that the protagonist, the female chemist Marie-Noelle, has found a second chance at love with her old flame John when he arrives unexpectedly at her doorstep. And the story builds around making you believe these two will sort out their crippling personal issues and have a happy ending. But things go so terribly wrong. So, so wrong. I was left feeling quite emotionally fragile but with a little of my faith in love restored. Also my faith in terrible things happening to basically good people.

And I don’t mean to be rude, but if you read it and you don’t cry, then you’re an emotionless monster.


Moving on. Coming up this week, tomorrow we have the second article in the How You Can Be An Adventurer set, providing the essential details on how to say goodbye to the farm and pick your party members. Choosing the right people for you adventuring party is especially important, as all too often fresh-faced adventurers are straddled with schemers, murderers, and incompetent necromancers. Looking at you, Serana.

From Wednesday there will be a free audiobook for anyone who has signed up for the site newsletter. The book is my very own Salt Pan Gospel, read by the ultra suave and probably very good-looking Daniel Morrison. It sounds great and I am just falling over myself with excitement to share it with you. So sign up, ya hear?

On Friday both the new edition of the newsletter and Indie and More Book Review episode 2 will be out. This fortnight we’re reviewing a nice range of speculative fiction work, from Manly Wade Wellman’s classic Devil’s Asteroid to Dagda Publishing’s dystopian anthology, Tuned to a Dead Channel, while the newsletter has the deets on the upcoming interview with alternate history writer Robbie MacNiven, plus a recipe for a cocktail that you can serve in a beaker AND set on fire.

While we’re on the subject of podcasts, Saturday saw the exciting release of the site’s author-centric podcast, Literature Emergency Broadcast. Featuring news, reading for self-published authors, and an interview with Clarity author Anna Herlihy; it was heaps of fun to make, and Anna was fantastic (and exceedingly patient). You can tune in here to hear her talk shop, all things Clarity, and about her  surprising fondness for Ebola.

If you like the show, I’d love to hear from you. If you don’t love the show, I’d still love to hear from you. Your support is what makes our success.

And last but not least, the reading list.

Currently Reading:

Kings of Infinite Space by Frank Franklin (who’s name I keep mistyping. Sorry, Frank!)

Tuned to a Dead Channel from Dagda Publishing

My Babylon by James Wilber

On Venusian Cloud Colony #9 by D. James Fortescue


Up Next:

Heavenfall by Robbie MacNiven

Animal Farm by George Orwell


Just Finished:

Clarity chapters 1-10 by Anna Herlihy

Doubtful by Gabriel Lucatero

Sole Sacrifice by K. C. May

Eternal Dark by Alexandra Lanc


Looking back, this list needs more Trip Ellington. Just sayin’.

That’s it from me for updates. Drop by again later in the week for all your escapism needs, and remember to sign up to that newsletter so Mr Morrison can send you all his good vibes via his sexy, sexy voice.


About Anneque D. Machelle

Anneque "Dangerpus" Machelle (rhymes with ranger wuss) is a rebel and a rogue from way out west. Strictly banned from interactions with other human beings, she spends her days amongst molluscs, dogs and lizards, whom she counts as her closest friends.

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  1. You finished NaNoWriMo almost two weeks early? Aren’t you 256 shades of awesome? =D

    Reckon you could do another story in that time?

  2. Congratulations on finishing your NaNo project!! Yay!! That’s awesome!!
    sounds like you have been very, very busy!!

  3. Hi – The volume of the music at the end of the podcasts is extremely loud compared to your voice. Otherwise they’re nice to listen to in the background.

  4. You finished your NaNo?!? CONGRATULATIONS! What wonderful news, and I absolutely c a n n o t w a i t to read it. I love me some chemistry (both scientific and romantic, hah).

    The interview was great fun 🙂

    Also, I’m really enjoying your reading lists and recommendations. You have a nice talent for reading a nice range of stories

    • Wheeee thank you! It’s a great feeling. Actually, having the audiobook was an even better feeling. Could not get the smile off my face as I listened. But yes, the chemistry was fun. And the romance. Well, the romance was awful.

      Yes! The interview was fantastic. Maybe one day we can role out the whole thing. I love your answer to the Ebola question. Absolute highlight of the interview.

      Thank you once again. It’s all pretty much spec fic in some form. Some, like Clarity, are clearly in there. Others, like Gabriel Lucatero’s Doubtful, just got in by the hair of their teeth. But even just reading indie stuff is brilliant; there’s no sense of mainstream manufacturing. It’s all very different and very cool.

      • Ebola is always a crowd pleaser. Hahaha. If love to do the whole thing one day!

        I agree! And thanks to you I’ve got a nice list of things to read in my breaks from writing

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