The Receiving End of Erotic Fanfiction

I had an interesting experience recently. One which I feel credits me to claim being a proper author in the way pairing flannelette with irony allows a redneck to become a hipster.

Someone wrote an erotic fanfiction about the Fallouts.

The Fallouts was published about a year ago now, and while I would love some more reviews of it, it’s also nice to know that people are thinking about the story and inventing more scenarios for the characters. Even … erotic scenarios.

I must say also that it was probably the strangest experience of my reading life. The characters involved were the central protagonist, Haru, and the main antagonist, Neara. I can see some room for these two to get together in the first book, but the Haru that lives in my head has lived through all three books and for him it was nope. NOPE. In fact he spent the 1700 words screaming and begging me to stop reading.

But I didn’t. Haru. I didn’t stop reading. >:)

The story itself was pretty cool. It was fascinating to see someone else’s take on my world. And you know, it was hot. So that’s another plus. I’ll have to ask the author about this, but maybe I’ll be able to post the story on Tumblr and link it back here. Obviously an ero isn’t really going to be appropriate for this site (obviously… obviously, right? The standard here isn’t so bawdy that that isn’t obvious, right?)

Speaking of fanfiction. I wrote a fanfic of my own the other day. It was kind of sitting in my head and then the whole business of reading a Fallouts fanfic encouraged me to pick up the pen. And hence I joined the throngs of other young hopefuls pushing their smut onto unwitting strangers in the name of fandom.Β For most people, fanfiction is a dirty word. But it’s the way a lot of authors get their start, particularly with interacting with an audience online. I admit no shame having written fanfiction in the past, although most of mine have been powerfully stupid. That said, there was a Doctor Who novella about ten years ago which was the most serious thing ever written. This is the first time I’ve written erotica in fanfiction form, and only the second time I’ve written erotica at all.

Well, you know the saying; do unto others as others do unto your fiction canon.

It was an interesting experience. Having read the Fallouts fanfiction, whenever I think of mine, I imagine the original author reading it and squirming as their characters scream for mercy in their head. And that makes me happy in a small, sadistic kind of way, which is the only true happiness I can experience without feeling guilty afterwards.

If you’re curious and want to give it a read … well, why doesn’t Tumblr take the hits? Let me know and I’ll post it. And then you can endure the terror of the worst god-awful fanfiction has to offer.

Until then, here’s the reading list.


George Orwell’s Animal Farm

Shaune Penny’s The Death of Eve

D. James Fortescue’s Sayeh and Zia

Snow Hudson’s Dr Homebrew

Skye Hegyes’s Chiller

Hurry up and read it already, gees!


Kim Stanley Robinson’s Blue Mars

Anthony McCarten’s Brilliance


The whole internet and can you believe this is the best picture I could find?

And the ARCs of the moment are:

Anna Herlihy’s Clarity

Rico Lamoureux’s Maiden of Monaco

James Wilber’s Chasing the Wyrm

And some others probably.


Just finished:

Christine Haggerty’s Plague Legacy: Acqusitions

Jonathan L. Howards’s Johannes Cabal the Necromancer

James Wilber’s My Babylon

Veronica Roth’s Divergent

Karen Miller’s Empress of Mijak


What’s been your fanfiction experience? It’s a controversial subject; I’d love to hear your opinion about it. Is it the greatest of evils, or a creative release? Have you ever dabbled? Or are you wondering just what fanfiction is?


About Anneque D. Machelle

Anneque "Dangerpus" Machelle (rhymes with ranger wuss) is a rebel and a rogue from way out west. Strictly banned from interactions with other human beings, she spends her days amongst molluscs, dogs and lizards, whom she counts as her closest friends.

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  1. Thank you very much for noting me =)

    Loved the ‘Mars’ Trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson, as well as the ‘Godspeaker’ trilogy by Karen Miller. A penny for your thoughts on ‘Empress of Mijak’ =)

    Have never tried fan fiction; no real desire to mess with another person’s character.

    • πŸ˜‰ I might be a little slow finishing Sayeh and Zia, but that’s because I’ll be enjoying it to the max.

      The Red Mars trilogy are probably my favourite books of all time. I’ve only read the first in the Godspeaker trilogy. While I really enjoyed parts of it, the world detail and culture particularly, I’m not sure I’d read the next one. It’s up for review on Indie and More next week if you’d like a full dissection. πŸ˜€

      How did you find Godspeaker? Do you think it’s worth continuing the trilogy?

      It’s been a while since I wrote a fanfiction. Usually get one done every six months or so, but they are just really light-hearted bizarre things that have no place in a cruel world. The latest one was a little different. But as weird as it is… I actually really enjoyed writing it. And reading it too. It was an experiment into the psyche of someone else’s protagonist, and it was a lot of fun to see what kind of extremes I could push them to.

      Sadistic fun. That’s it. It was sadistic fun. But I tried to handle the character gently, so maybe that makes up for it. :0

      • That you are reading it at all is enough for me =)

        Did the rather graphic bit near the end totally spin it for you? Ooh, full review! Awesomeness =D

        Loved the ‘Godspeaker’ series. You MUST read ‘The Riven Kingdom’ and ‘Hammer of God’! In a sense it feels like EoM was a prequel, as the next two books are based in another land, but everyone’s favouritest benevolent Empress Hekat is still highly involved in it.

        As long as you are respectful to the character you are re-interpreting, and not turning badasses into fairy princesses with foot fetishes, it should stay good fun =)

      • πŸ˜‰ It’s my pleasure.

        Yeah, the ending of EoM was harsh. But the whole book was like that. What put me off most was the dissonance between Hekat being the main character who we could somewhat sympathise with in the beginning, to being pretty much evil for the rest of the book. It left the book without a relatable protagonist. Vortka was all right but if he didn’t do it for you, there was no one else. And so we had a story that was good and a world that was great but the feeling I had with the book was just aghast at the kind of person Hekat was. I could praise it for certain things, but it just wasn’t an enjoyable read. I might take your suggestion to read the next one, however.

        Yeah. I don’t see the point in writing fanfiction if you’re not trying to keep the characters in character. Right?

  2. It’s an interesting and sometimes controversial subject fanfiction, you are right. And yes a hell of a lot of it tends to be erotic XD But I will alsways have a soft spot for it (no pun intended) as a concept. I don’t read it any more, I grew out of it, but I fully admit I started off writing it, though albeit I wasn’t brave enough to make it erotic. I will always encourage people to write about what inspires them. In my experience no one ever tries to pass it off as an original idea and if anyone becomes attached enough to my characters to want to borrow them, they are more than welcome. It’s not like they are going to hurt them and it’s not like it changes my original work.

    Congratulations, Anneque. I’m with you. You inspire fanfiction of any kind, your world and characters have found a place in someone’s imagination. And that is one of the best parts of writing fiction.

    • Good thoughts, and thank you for the congratulations.

      Fanfiction at its heart is a really innocuous, cute sort of thing to see. Like kids playing with action figures. I think the reason erotic fanfic is so prolific is that the majority of the writers are teenagers and young adults who are thinking a lot about sex. They need some way to express this. And if you really just want to write a story about sex, then you don’t need the hassle of inventing your own characters. Just use whatever is handy. Fans are often fans because they project themselves onto the characters anyway, they may as well grab Spiderman and make him bang Superman.

  3. It’s probably worth adding that my fanfiction was indeed awful. But, as you said, it got me into an online writing community, it got me used to the idea of getting read and getting feedback and it also boosted my confidence as I got a lot of really good feedback too. It may have been part of why I thought I was good enough to try my own stories that one day might inspire others as I had been.

    • Again, good points. Your experience matches that of a lot of writers that I’ve spoken to about it.
      On that note, I’m thinking of doing an episode of Literature Emergency Broadcast where instead of interviewing one author, I interview three or four on the subject on fanfiction. I’d really like to interview you anyway… do you think we could do a double interview one time soon? One for your writing and another (probably about 10 minutes in length) about fanfiction?

  4. Thanks for the mention πŸ™‚

    I think fanfiction gets a lot of bad rep. It’s writing, after all. Even if it’s with someone else’s characters in someone else’s world, you’re still writing. As an author, having fanfiction written about your work must be an incredible compliment; it shows that your story had a significant impact on a reader. Congrats to you πŸ™‚

    While I think fanfiction is perfectly fine to dabble in, I must admit that I don’t think it should comprise the bulk of a writers’ time. If you’re forever living in someone else’s world, how can you ever develop your own? Fanfiction needs a certain balance; it’s fine to dabble in it for various reasons (fun, boredom, getting out of a writers block, writing practice), but too much of it will hinder the progression of your own stories…

    • πŸ˜‰ No worries.

      And thank you! I’m stoked to have had such an impact on someone that they wanted to write fanfic, for whatever reason. That’s really cool and I’m honoured that my characters are in someone’s thoughts like that.

      That said, agreed. Fanfiction is a fine art to dabble in, a dangerous career choice otherwise. But there are those authors who really do write fanfiction for a living: the TV show/ movie/ game-franchise tie-in writers. The Doctor Who novels, for example. Someone has to write them. Although probably the most outstanding example is actually the Black Library, which is part of the Warhammer 40K universe. That has a big group of writers all contributing to the canon, and technically they are all writing fanfiction.

  5. Who doesn’t love a bit of ero fanfiction! πŸ˜‰

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