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What’s that, your ears have half an hour free time scheduled? Why not wreck that up with the latest episode of Indie and More, where you’ll find reviews for the hottest science fiction, fantasy and alternate history books on the shelf!

Under intense scrutiny this week was James L. Wilber’s My Babylon; George Orwell’s Animal Farm; Kim Stanley Robinson’s Red Mars, Anna Herlihy’s debut novel Clarity; and Snow Hudson’s Dr. Homebrew. You can listen in on the episode right here – go on, your bookshelf will thank you for it.

Indie and More episode 5

You can also find spoilers for the episode below, plus links to authors and their books on Amazon. But let’s you and me get real for a moment. Indie and More is consistently taking me two full days to put together, 16 hours or so of working time. This doesn’t include the time it takes to read everything. Due to time considerations, I will be changing Indie and More from fortnightly to monthly. The interview podcast, Literature Emergency Broadcast, will stay fortnightly.

Instead of running Indie and More so often, I’m finally going to pick up the audio chapter idea. That won’t be run so much as a podcast, but the audio will be available on this blog for you to download, and also on iTunes and maybe even YouTube. Episodes will run about 10 – 15 minutes a piece, and will feature readings from books written by independent and small press authors.

That show doesn’t have a name yet, and the details aren’t completely confirmed. We’re looking at the first episode being released on the 18th of February, and being distributed on the third Tuesday of every month. If you’re an indie author, why not send over your story for a dramatic reading? You’ll get a bunch of free promotion and whee! You get to hear me reading your story. I will have to work on my George Takei voice.

In Indie and More this week:


My Babylon by James L. Wilber


Urban fantasy, novel

Book 1 of the Eschaton Cycle series

You can also get the first part of the book here.


Animal Farm by George Orwell

Hurry up and read it already, gees!

Alternate history, novella


Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson


Hard science fiction

Book 1 of the Red Mars series


Clarity: The Watch by Anna Herlihy


Science fiction, dystopian, steampunk

Book 1 in the Clarity series


Dr. Homebrew by Snow Hudson


General literature, novella

The website has some lovely bonus art.


Check it out! If you type “Red Mars” into Google Images, one of the top pictures to appear is mine. 😀 Includes bonus mistyping of Mia’s name.

If you’re looking for books reviewed previously on Indie and More, you can find them under the Library menu of this blog. It’s not on the drop-down list, just click on the word “Library” and it will take you there. There you can also see the rating for each book. Or you can just click here.

And that’s that. See you tomorrow for a brand spanking new episode of the Sunday Witch Hunters, where Joe has an interesting confrontation with twenty pigs, ten tons of mud, and a demon.

redmarsgame copy


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