WordPress’s Weird and Wonderful Spell-check

WordPress has the weirdest spell-check. I knew it despised italics but this, really?


Anti-science, WordPress. Not cool. I found these examples while editing my Library page. If we scroll a little further down and we find a continuation of WordPress’s wacky anti-science (or maybe anti-Science) campaign:


A little further down and fortunately only the ‘F’ on ‘Fantasy’ is misspelled:


Why yes, WordPress, the word ‘_the_Plag’ does appear to need some readjusting:


Finally we manage to get a clear spelling for Science, only to lose points for (most of) philosophy:


But perhaps the most bizarre of all is the misspelling of this seemingly neutral asterisk:


Google Chrome’s internal dictionary has (or rather, doesn’t have) ‘combust’ and ‘movies’, WordPress has its slanderous anti-Science regime – what’s been your experience with bizarre spell-checks? Is it really all a conspiracy to making worser our english?


About Anneque D. Machelle

Anneque "Dangerpus" Machelle (rhymes with ranger wuss) is a rebel and a rogue from way out west. Strictly banned from interactions with other human beings, she spends her days amongst molluscs, dogs and lizards, whom she counts as her closest friends.

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  1. I was just thinking yesterday when I was posting that the spell check here at WordPress was interesting! It didn’t want me to use hyperventilate in any shape or form, among some other seemingly harmless words!

  2. Nope, its because Americans can’t spell so they expect the rest of us to not be able to spell!
    OSX’s checker is dreadful and you can see the problems I have had, in my blog.

  3. I have long since come to the conclusion that I am a better speller than WordPress spell check.

    Far from my greatest achievement.

    • Ah, but if you relied on WordPress’s spell check, you would know the three different ways to spell Science in exactly the same way.

      Truly, WordPress’s spell check is a thing of great mysticism. Thanks for stopping by!

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