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Be Yourself This Halloween

Exciting news! So exciting! Get your excitement boots on!

Are they on? TO THE NEWS!

In just a few short weeks I’ll be releasing my fourth book, the novella My Father’s Death. This pseudo-sequel to The Vamps of the Marais will be set in Paris in 1905 and feature a death cult headed by an immortal deity and the unfortunate chemist who invokes their wrath. Feedback from betas has been overwhelmingly positive, with phrases like “complex and tightly interwoven”, “streets and streets ahead of other stuff I’ve read” and “I should finish it Tuesday” liberally applied.

But enough of that boasting. Today I just want to share the draft promo poster, featuring protagonists Hannibal du Noir, whom you may remember from The Vamps, and Paris’s unluckiest chemist, Roland Lambert.


Expect more – along with the actual cover – soon! If you’d like an advanced review copy, those will be going out totally free next week. And if you’re like, no, Anneque, I want to buy this from you and have you sign my Kindle, then you can do that too! I’ll be signing books and various body parts at Brisbane Supanova on the 27th to 29th of November.

Oh my… get ready!



Site News and Video Schedule

We’re back, baby!

How has everyone been? Working hard, getting those stories down?

Today I have a bit of news about the site plus the new schedule information. If you’ve been around this week, you’ll know that on Monday I opened a YouTube channel for the blog. The channel is called the Book House, and you can find it here.

The channel is purely for book lovers. It’s the spiritual extension of the podcasts; Indie and More Book Review, which reviewed mainly independent and small press titles, and Literature Emergency Broadcast, which was publishing news and author interviews. I stopped making the podcasts for two reasons. One, a family crisis made it near impossible to work on anything. Two, finding a permanent host for your podcasts is really tricky! But mainly it was the family thing.


This week the site is back in full operation, and all those projects that were stuffed in a cupboard are seeing light again. I’m writing again and that is grand. I thought about reviving the podcasts, but a few people were hammering me to do videos instead, and being the strumpet I am I caved into peer pressure. But you know what? I’m really glad I caved. Because making videos is at least ten times as much fun as making just audio.

It’s also ten times harder. I never thought I’d face the problem of city walls toppling in a light breeze, or the scarcity of toy camels, or how to make an Egyptian headdress. And then there’s the matter of getting the camera to stay still! Of course after that there’s video editing, which is an art unto itself. I tell you, my respect for film directors has skyrocketed in the last week. How do they do it? There’s so much to be co-ordinated, so much to think about. And then you’ve got to put it all together in a way that makes sense, it’s just wow, daunting. And we complain about movies. Pretty sure if I made a movie it would be Birdemic, without the budget.

Prepare yourself.

Prepare yourself.

So that’s the news. We’re back, and we’re with video. At the moment the one thing on the channel is my reading of D. James Fortescue’s Sayeh and Zia, which you can find here. On Friday, providing my cinematography skills don’t fail me entirely, the second video will go up. It’s a review of Sayeh and Zia, complete with desert sandstorms, a Lego caravanserai, and yep, even the lost city of Petra.

It is going to be…

It is going to be something. I apologise in advance to D, but encourage you to watch it anyway, because at the very least it will be the worst thing you’ve ever seen. And that is something of an achievement in itself.

I strive for mundanity, one video at a time. If I could get my videos up to the level of completely substandard, that would be simply amazing.

Moving on. The site schedule will be something like this:

Monday – Reading video

Tuesday – Tie-in article to last Friday’s video

Wednesday – News and rants

Thursday – New episode of the Sunday Witch Hunters

Friday – Main video of the week.

I won’t be making review videos every week, but rather doing one of four types of video on a monthly rota. Week 1 will be a review, week 2 will feature some new authors and artists, week 3 is a book comparison (say Anita Blake vs Harry Dresden), week 4 is news and rants. If there is a fifth week, it will be a Q&A session.


I’m serious.

That’s the plan. It’s all pretty new to me, the video stuff is huge, it’s a little daunting, but we can only try these things. If you’ve got a book you’d like read or reviewed, drop me a line. I’d be more than happy to look at it. And yes, there is something of a backlist, but more are always welcome.

Okay! Last bit of news. Supanova Sydney is just a few weeks away. I won’t have a stall there (maybe later in Brisbane), but I will certainly be there. Maybe even dressed up. Maybe as M. Gustave from the Grand Budapest Hotel. Who knows? If you’re going, let me know! It would be awesome to meet some of you. You can dress as M. Gustave as well. We can have our own hotel staff right there in the Dome. Or just talk books and writing and pop culture. Whichever.

It’ll be beautiful, darling, do let me know what you’re up to. Until tomorrow ~ ta ta.