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On Air: The Last Night In Pripyat

We’re on air!

My short story, The Last Night In Pripyat, is airing in full tonight on Sounds of the Mountains FM. You can hear it right here.

Go now! It’s almost on! And if you miss the start you might still get the end!



A Birthday Present for the Queen

The rumour goes that today isn’t actually the Queen’s birthday, but we celebrate it anyway, because … um? At first you may think it odd the Queen having different birthday dates in different countries, but it’s actually quite ingenious. Imagine this … staggered holidays means you could go party hopping in every sovereign nation! Imagine all the cake!

Well, you don’t have to be the Queen, and it doesn’t have to be not your birthday for you to listen to this. It’s this week’s reading, and it’s a special one. It’s Hermione and Ginny Versus the Space Wizards, and you can find it right here.

This. Except in space.

This. Except in space.

Enjoy, and happy non-birthday to you. 🙂

Oh! And another note. The lovely Jex Collyerand a few others were lined up to do a reading of this very story. However, some of the readers (it was going to be split into four) were increasingly reluctant to be publicly associated with it, so the idea fell through. As sometimes they do. So thank you Jex, I still have your part of the reading, and one day it will meet the light of day.

But is that a promise or a threat?

Audio Reading!

This is it. I’ve threatened you all with this for half a year, and it’s finally here: an audio reading sample of D. James Fortescue’s fantasy adventure, Sayeh and Zia. And more than that! It’s also a video. Click here to check it out.



You can also find the wonderful D. James here.

Making it was a stack of fun, and I plan to have new readings uploaded every week. If you have suggestions for stories you’d like read, particularly if you’re an indie or small press author wanting your own story read, drop me a comment or an email and let me know.

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Because you need time to read: audio book and podcast

Who else is gearing down for the weekend? No? No, me neither.

Today I have some very exciting news. My short story Salt Pan Gospel is now available as an audio book! You can get it for free when you sign up to my newsletter. It’s free to listen to and download and share with your friends and family, and it’s read by manwithoutabody, who should be the next Doctor Who. He’s kinda hammy and very suave, and he did a brilliant job reading. Tom Baker himself would not have been better.

You can sign up to the newsletter with that big ugly button on the side bar that says “Click Here to Sign Up”. When you have, once a fortnight you’ll get an email from me full of free things. True, this is mainly news and cocktail recipes, but it’s also an update on all the goings-on on the site, secret projects in the works, as well as occasional actual things, like today’s audio book.

So you’ve signed up? Right. Okay. Thank you. Let’s move on.

Indie and More Book Review episode 2 is now live, whoo! You can find it here. Links to books reviewed in episode 2 are below.

Soul Breaker by  Trip Ellington



Fantasy, Young Adult



On Venusian Cloud Colony Number Nine by D. James Fortescue


Science Fiction: Hard Science Fiction



Tuned to a Dead Channel from Dagda Publishing


Science Fiction: Dystopian, Thriller



Eternal Dark by Alexandra Lanc


Paranormal/ Alternative History: Steampunk



Devil’s Asteroid by Manly Wade Wellman


Science Fiction: Hard Science Fiction, Classic Sci Fi

Short Story


Coming up next week we have Literature Emergency Broadcast episode 2, which will (fingers crossed I get my act together in time) an interview with the wonderful (and very handsome) Robbie MacNiven. Keep crossing those fingers, because there should also be some sign of comic Extra Trauma #3 around Wednesday, and gosh knows, maybe even an article on Monday. Be sure to send your reading suggestions this way. Novellas are definitely a big favourite.

Last of all, the reading list.


Kings of Infinite Space by Frank Franklin

My Babylon by James Wilber

Animal Farm by George Orwell


Up next:

Dr. Homebrew by Snow Hudson (whooooo! Finally!)

The War of the Worlds by H.G Wells

The Death of Eve by Shaune Penny

Balanced in an Angel’s Eye by Shaune Lafferty Webb



Just read:

Tuned to a Dead Channel from Dagda Publishing

Bioshock Infinite: Mind in Revolt by Joe Fielder (I couldn’t help myself. It was only short)

On Venusian Cloud Colony Number Nine by D. James Fortescue

Doubtful by Gabriel Lucatero



And that’s that. Have a great weekend, see you soon! Stay wonderful!