Indie and More Book Review


This reader-centric podcast reviews five speculative fiction works per episode, with a focus on indie titles and those published by boutique publishers. If you have a book you’d like to hear reviewed, give me a shout at

Distributed every second and fourth Friday of the month.

Episode 1 (7 November 2013) – Robbie MacNiven’s Heavenbloom; Skye Dragen’s Dragon Tamer; Alex Sincai’s White Noise: Haiku for the Space Age; Shaune Lafferty Webb’s Bus on a Strange Loop; Yahtzee Croshaw’s Mogworld.


Episode 2 (21 November 2013) – Trip Ellington’s Soul Breaker; D. James’s Fortescue’s On Venusian Cloud Colony Number Nine; Dagda Publishing’s Tuned to a Dead Channel; Alexandra Lanc’s Eternal Dark; Manly Wade Wellmann’s Devil’s Asteroid.


Episode 3 (7 December 2013) – K.C. May’s Sole Sacrifice; Wendy Palmer’s Bastard’s Grace; Skye Dragen’s Clockwork Romance; Gabriel Lucatero’s Doubtful; Francis Franklin’s Kings of Infinite Space: the Quest for Alina Meridon.


Episode 4 (18th January 2014) – Featuring Karen Miller’s Empress of Mijak; Veronica Roth’s Divergent; Christine Haggerty’s The Plague Legacy: Acquisitions; James L. Wilber’s Underground; Jonathan L. Howard’s Johannes Cabal the Necromancer.


Literature Emergency Broadcast


Your one-stop podcast for self-publishing news and interviews. We bring you the latest gossip and brush shoulders with indie celebrities. If you’d like to be interviewed, drop me a line on

L.E.B goes live every first and third Friday of the month.

Episode 1 (14th November 2013) – Tim Grahl’s Your First 1000 Copies, interview with Clarity author Anna Herlihy.


Episode 2 (29th November 2013) – Audio sampling, interview with Werekynd author Robbie MacNiven.


Episode 3 (11th January 2014) – Big Six Publishing, interview with Plague Legacy: Acquisitions author Christine Haggerty.



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